7 out of 10 Filipino adults have bodies that are aging faster than they should.

A body age test was conducted among 6,000 Filipinos aged 30-50 from June to September 2010. The results showed that 70% had bodies that were aging faster than they should. Men and women even in their 30’s had bodies that were in their 40’s! Poor eating habits, lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle could be the main causes of this alarming discovery.

You can fight body aging.

And the first step is to find out what your body age is.
That’s why Sustagen Premium, together with health advocate Gabby Concepcion, is bringing back the Body Age Challenge - a simple and quick test that will compare your body age versus your calendar age. The Body Age Challenge will be conducted in different offices, office buildings and malls around the country starting February 2013.

If you want Sustagen Premium to visit your office for a private testing, click the REQUEST TESTING button and fill out the required information. Or you can drop by any of the scheduled Body Age Challenge venues nearest you.

Take the first step to fight Body Aging.
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